Our story

We created GoalsWon to scratch our own itch, and are excited to now bring it to the world 🌞

Simon Newstead GoalsWon cofounder

Joel Patrizio


Programmer and psychology + productivity geek.

Currently using GoalsWon to improve strength and cardio, learn new technologies and practice mindfulness.

Simon Newstead GoalsWon cofounder

Simon Newstead


Product designer. Habit hacker. Effective altruist.

Currently using GoalsWon to eat healthier, pursue impact investing / EA and balance time with family.

How we started

Our cofounder Simon, a game and UX designer, always had a thing for productivity and self-improvement. For him it was practical - he needed a way to juggle his day job as an impact investor, EA projects and personal life without burning out. After years trying various habit apps, he came to realize what was missing for him was human accountability.

Enter Joel - coder and quantified self geek who studied psychology subjects at uni, who was fanatical about managing his busy schedule and set daily goals, always on the lookout for ways to keep improving.

The two met in a productivity community and connected over their shared passion in the space - initially spending time brainstorming before going on to start working together on GoalsWon. They wanted to build a product they could use every day to keep them moving forward (spoiler alert - they still do)

The company is independent, founder-owned and bootstrapped, registered in Australia and serving a global audience. We also give back with pro-bono accounts for effective altruism driven founders.

The values we treasure are transparency and caring about the success of our users.  We have an internal motto at GoalsWon - "they win, we win". Nothing makes us more thrilled than seeing our clients overcome personal obstacles and succeed.

Thanks for being a part of this journey!

Our journey started in
with coaching initially delivered over email
Our service has helped
people to achieve their goals so far
We serve clients in over
Our app was created with love in
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Our advisors

We're grateful to our team of advisors for helping us reflect and learn from our steps (and missteps), as we strive to create something of value to our clients.

Amy Chan GoalsWon advisor

Dr. Amy Chan


PhD Psychology and MSc Computer Science. Amy is currently a research psychologist and lecturer at CUHK university on applied technology and mental wellbeing.

Robber Bos GoalsWon advisor

Robbert Bos


Co-founder and CEO of Family Five, the leading parenting app. Previously head of product and co-founder of BUX, pioneer of mobile-first trading platforms.

Aileen Sim GoalsWon advisor

Aileen Sim


Multiple startup founder and executive including Glow, Airhelp and First Meta. Currently focussed on org and product coaching for startup leaders.


Let's face it, we've made mistakes on this journey. Plus the occasional breakthrough! That's part of every company journey, but what makes us a little different is that we like to share it openly with everyone. So here are all the things we have learned and continue to along the way... (it may take a few seconds to load)


Creating a successful bootstrapped startup is a long and tough journey. So to make it more fun we love to celebrate all the milestones along the way. And we thought, why not share them with you too...  (it may take a few seconds to load)

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Our accountability coaching and battle tested behaviour change tactics can help you succeed where willpower too often fails.

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