Giving back

Each paid subscription lets us deliver one free subscription for someone doing good in the world.

"We're delighted to support high impact charities and individuals working on the world's most important problems - AI safety, S-risks, animal suffering, global health and development, mental wellbeing, community building and more."

Simon Newstead GoalsWon cofounder

Simon, Co-founder, GoalsWon

Who have we supported?

Coached pro-bono client organizations include

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Cameron King

Co-founder, Animal Advocacy Africa

"GoalsWon is an excellent app and has increased my productivity ~25%. Talking daily with an accountability coach is an invaluable resource!"

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Joy Bittner

Founder, Vida Plena

"My coach has been huge in helping me stay focused. Thanks to their follow-up, I've successfully built a daily gratitude journaling practice into my life!"

Ben Williamson

Outreach Director, Ambitious Impact (CE)

"The app gives me a consistent framework for making progress on my key goals, paired with support and guidance for getting back on track when days don't go as planned. Having an accountability coach makes a notable difference to my consistency."

Simon Haberfellner

Co-founder, inoqo

"GoalsWon is way better than tracking in a spreadsheet. Plus, the daily reflections and conversations with a real coach give the tracking a personal touch."

John Salter

Co-founder, Overcome

"Perfectly reliable accountability buddy. If that's what you are looking for, then look no further!"

Pratik Agarwal

Lead Organizer, EAGx India

"My coach has been great! Very candid and approachable while helping me sort priorities managing multiple projects."


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To learn more of the context for this program read our launch blog post here.

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