Accountability coaching
for busy people

Our expert coaches and streamlined app will help you succeed this year

How it works

1. Daily Accountability

Each day set daily goals and habits that drive you towards your longer term targets. Your GoalsWon coach (eg- Joel) will review your submitted results and keep you accountable.

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2. Strategy & support

Your coach will also share practical tips and feedback to engineer positive habits, using proven behavioural change techniques. Through setbacks and success, they'll provide dependable, friendly support.

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3. Lasting Change

As you strive towards your targets for the year, your coach will keep you on track, share graphs and insights and be with you every step of the journey. They'll help you understand yourself and transform your life.

Sam GoalsWon client

“My GoalsWon coach gave me the focus to expand my marketing agency while finishing a computer science degree"

Programmer & Agency owner

Yasmin GoalsWon client

"The daily support of my GoalsWon coach helped me improve my sleep routine and pass key certification exams - stress free!"


Thomas GoalsWon client

"Working with my coach gave me that valuable extra push while launching my new startup"

Solo Founder, YC Alum

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Who's it for?

Whether you're a founder, self improver or doer, our accountability will accelerate your success. So far we've helped clients-
  • Launch and scale projects
  • Eat healthier and get in shape
  • Achieve career growth
  • Digital detox and focus
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Cultivate healthy habits
  • And more...
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Research backed

"Professional coaching led to a 39% increase in goal attainment, more than peer coaching or no coaching" - Spence and Grant

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Pricing & plans

Expert human coaching via the GoalsWon app. No hidden fees.


$100 / month

Monthly coaching plan to kickstart short term action.

Under $4 a day
Dedicated GoalsWon coach
Daily accountability
Personalized support
7 days a week service
Custom reporting & graphs
Cloud sync and data export
iOS, Android & web apps
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$90 / month

Quarterly coaching plan for sustained habit formation.

Under $3 a day
Dedicated GoalsWon coach
Daily accountability
Personalized support
7 days a week service
Custom reporting & graphs
Cloud sync and data export
iOS, Android & web apps
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Buying for someone? Plans can be gifted.

How is this different from a todo or habit app?

GoalsWon's app is unique.

It integrates an expert human coach giving you direct and personalized accountability. Your coach, for example Joel, will be there to review your goals and submitted results daily, and give you tailored tactics, support and friendly discipline to keep you on track.

Does accountability actually work?

In a word yes.

Randomized control studies have shown that individual coaching outperforms both no coaching, group training or peer coaching. There's a reason executive coaches are used by many top performers in the professional world.

With GoalsWon you get the benefit of personalized coaching and accountability in a streamlined app interface, on your schedule, for a fraction of the cost of traditional executive coaching.

Why do I need a coach, can't I get a buddy to help?

The research is clear, peer accountability is simply not as effective for goal attainment compared with professional individual coaching. Then there's the practical aspect - most peer to peer accountability relationships drop off due to lack of commitment or alignment.

In fact that was one of the key reasons for GoalsWon to be created, our cofounders' personal experience with unreliable accountability buddies. Unlike well meaning but unreliable strangers on the internet, our coaches are dedicated professionals and will be there with you every day to help you succeed in your journey.

So is this like having another manager?

No, most people don't need another manager in your life issuing instructions.

What we are though, is a professional coach and support partner. We're here to help you set long term and daily goals, and keep you accountable to them.

At the end of the day it's all about what matters to you, that you want to achieve, and we'll work with you to get the plan together and execute on it.

Can this help me overcome procrastination?

Yes, having professional accountability makes it much less challenging to build momentum.

Each day you'll commit to the day's goals to your coach and they'll be there to review and help you overcome any barriers including procrastination, digital distractions or over-reliance on fleeting motivation.

This isn't about positive thinking platitudes, but practical, science based behavioural change techniques that have worked for clients around the globe.

How often is the coaching provided?

The coaching is provided daily, 7 days a week. Each day your coach will review your progress and give you feedback, encouragement and advice to help you accelerate towards your targets. This takes place through the streamlined app, which has a chat interface as well as section for each day, covering submitted results, comments (including optional images) and coach replies.

Invest in lasting change

Our accountability coaching and battle tested behaviour change tactics can help you succeed where willpower has failed in the past. Invest in progress, invest in yourself.
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