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Cameron GoalsWon Reviews

“GoalsWon increased my productivity by at least 20%. Talking daily with an accountability coach and planning has been invaluable!"

Co-Founder, Animal Advocacy Africa

How does it work?

Once you start with GoalsWon, you'll be assigned an accountability coach from our team.

Your coach, an experienced accountability professional, will get to know you, your background and the areas you'd like to work on, agreeing long term targets for coming month/s. Then your day-to-day support begins:    

Each day you'll be prompted to enter your top daily goals. At the end of the day, you mark which goals and habits you accomplished with any notes or pictures. Your coach will check in to see how you did, give you feedback and help plan the next steps. You can optionally nominate an extra supporter to receive your progress updates.

Your coach will also help you implement science based behaviour techniques to drive lasting change.

Does it work?

All of our coaching methods are grounded in what research has shown to be effective. The American Society of Training and Developmentfound that people who committed to someone like an accountability coach were 65% more likely to reach their goals. This is the reason executive coaches and elite mentor exist.

We provide those benefits, but in a form and at a price that's more accessible to those keen to improve their lives, in small or big ways. We help you move you beyond good intentions and willpower, which often fade in the face of setbacks.

It's not just the feedback from clients, in fact, we practice what we preach. Both our co-founders use the service they developed daily. This service wouldn't exist if it didn't work for us. After all, we're on a journey of self-improvement too.

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Is there a free trial?

Yes, if you are not yet a client but want to give it a shot, we have a free trial, working with a dedicated experienced coach.

Who are the coaches?

All GoalsWon coaches are trained and experienced professionals who each day work with numerous clients from around the world, from business professionals, entrepreneurs to students, parents and more.

All coaches follow a consistent methodology based around the principles of positive psychology and evidence based behaviour change, and all coaches are themselves decided directly by the co-founders and head of coaching at GoalsWon, who work to ensure a high quality and reliable service.

Does this use ChatGPT or AI?

No. All of our coaching is delivered by real humans. Unlike a machine, our coaches genuinely care about our clients, and are passionate about keeping you accountable and on track for your work and life success.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there are no lock-ins.

You can cancel at any time and your service will be maintained for the remainder of your current billing cycle, or free trial. No further charges will be made.

What timezones are supported?

All timezones are supported, we have clients from many countries from around the world. Your coach will consistently reply and engage each day, regardless of which country or location you are in.

What goals is this service for?

No matter whether your goal is related to health, mindset, well-being, career, entrepreneurship, finances or something else, having an accountability coach from GoalsWon will accelerate your progress. Most of our clients have goals in multiple areas of their lives, whether getting in good shape while working towards a new career or establishing a mindful routine while studying for exams etc.

How is the coaching delivered?

Coaching is delivered through a dedicated GoalsWon app including goals, targets and direct messaging with your coach, accessible via mobile app on Android and iOS as well as the web. Optional  notifications can be enabled in Settings to alert clients to coach messages. Your coach will interact and work with you every day.

Is it a 1-to-1 coaching or is it an accountability group?

Coaching is 1 on 1, between yourself and an experienced GoalsWon coach who is assigned and will remain with you on your journey each day. Research has shown 1 on 1 support is more effective than group based mechanisms, which often lack the personal accountability and reliability that many GoalsWon clients thrive on.

How often does coaching take place?

Coaching is provided daily, 7 days a week, and for all timezones and countries. Each day your coach will review your progress and give you feedback, encouragement and advice to help you accelerate towards your targets. This takes place through the streamlined app, which has a chat interface as well as section for each day, covering submitted results, comments (including optional images) and coach replies.

How frequently can I message my coach?

There is no limit to how many times you can message your coach each day, but as a minimum we expect you to check in at least once a day to submit results and reflections, and check the daily response from your assigned coach.

What if I don't reply?

Your coach will continue to check in with you in the case you don't reply. Our job is to help you set your long term targets and daily goals, and stay accountable to them. We'll be friendly but persistent to follow up to listen and encourage you back on the path. If there are any reasons you'll be out of communication (for example an offline meditation retreat, or holiday you will be out of contact) then a coach will note that and be in touch on your return.

Christy GoalsWon Reviews

“Thanks to my GoalsWon coach for all the work put into this process. I’ve been happy with the progress I’ve made with my injury recovery and overall mindset."

Athlete & Teacher

Can I change coaches?

Yes. If you feel the coach assigned to you is not a good fit, we are happy to switch you to another coach at any time, free of cost. That coach will have access to all the past history so will be up to speed quickly to continue with you.

Does this replace a medical professional?

In short, no.

Our coaches are accountability coaching experts and will help you stick to your goals, whatever area you are focusing on. That is to say, we help support the work of any (mental) health professionals rather than replacing them. If you are suffering from mental or physical conditions we strongly encourage you to seek appropriate medical care.

What if I already use a todo app?

We provide dedicated human accountability and work in tandem with any other apps you may already be using. Most of our clients already have a method for keeping track of the multitude of minor tasks, and we're not here to replace that.

Instead, our service is based on the observation that planning is only half the battle, having an experienced coach help you with accountability on your most important actions towards your long term targets, and provide feedback is the secret behind true progress and success.

What platforms does it work on?

Our service is provided through purpose built apps on iOS and Google Play (Android) for all mobiles devices as well as a web version for both desktop and mobile. The service features realtime syncing via the Google cloud and supports multiple devices open and active at the same time.

I'd like to request a feature for the platform. Can I?

Yes, we love to hear from our clients and continue to improve our service (we update the app regularly with new features, all included in your subscription). Get in touch with requests via the coach chat in app, or alternatively via our contact form. Our product roadmap is public on our website, and we're thankful for those clients who have made requests (they are acknowledged on our roadmap page).

How much does it cost?

For less than the cost of a daily coffee, you'll receive personalized accountability that will help you reach your goals. We offer monthly and yearly plans.

What payment options are available?

We use the market-leading Stripe service for credit card payments, and also can support both PayPal and direct bank transfers by request as well.

Can I use the app for free?

We have a free 7-day free trial where you will work with your assigned human coach and engage to devise a plan to make progress towards your goals. There is no obligation, you’re free to cancel at any time. Should you do so, you can continue using the app in a “single player” mode - as in, use the daily goal setting interface, without having a human coach providing accountability.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes. We honor your privacy above all else.

All data is safely stored in Google's cloud infrastructure, accessible only to you and us.

Your personal information will never be sold or otherwise provided to any third parties outside of Goals Won Pty Ltd and any companies or individuals contracted as part of the service, except where required by law.

You can find full details on our privacy policy page.

How will GoalsWon keep me accountable?

All clients are able to submit proof of goals being met if they wish (it's not at bad idea at the start), whether it be a photo taken at the gym, a snap of a report completed etc.

For most goals, it's simple. Of course, there are some goals (like have a chat with the vice president about a promotion) that are hard to prove, but our service is built on trust and privacy, a sacred bond between you and your coach.

Our clients are encouraged to disclose when they have missed their goals, or fallen off the wagon. After all, the only person you would be cheating is yourself. Helping you recover from setbacks is where our accountability coaches can shine.

Why can't I just use a friend or join a group instead?

In the majority of cases, friends and strangers don't provide the consistent, regular accountability and support needed to stay on track. What starts out as an enthusiastic flurry of early messages dries up over time, leading to abandonment.

Indeed the academic research backs that finding, showing that individual professional coaching outperforms peer interventions. We are a professional service for those committed to self improvement.

What if I fail my goals?

We get it!

We've been there before and know how hard it is to correct a bad habit or take on something new and challenging.

Virtually all of our success stories have had stumbles along the way, be it goals missed in the daily cycle, or falling into a rut of several days.

That's where our coaches shine, using their experience to encourage reflection and learning, as well as helping you return to the plan. While you may have given up in a situation like this before, having a coach who has your back makes the difference between regret and resurgence.

Guille GoalsWon client

“My coach helped me establish strong daily routines and work towards hosting my first exhibition -
achieving a long-time dream"

Visual artist

Can I send a picture as proof of my progress?

Yes, GoalsWon supports submitting images (for example a photo of a healthy meal, or a screenshot from a Notion checklist) to the coach, at any time in the chat, as well as part of the daily results submission process.

Who uses this service?

Hear some of our client stories in our reviews page. We all have things that we want to accomplish.

GoalsWon helps anybody who wishes to improve on any area of their life - we have clients of all ages, from countries around the world.

From those working on personal and health goals, to professionals, entrepreneurs and students, if you have an ambition to improve and achieve what matters to you, we are here to support.

Can I gift GoalsWon to someone else?

Yes. When you sign up for a plan it can be for someone else - whether a family member, colleague or friend. Please let us know after registering and we'd be happy to assign the subscription to them.

Can I get GoalsWon for my team?

Yes, we offer per-seat pricing for enterprise, startups, businesses and other organizations.

Taking care of your team's mental and physical health is a win-win, both for your organization and for your teammates productivity and wellbeing.

Please contact us for details.

Why is this a paid service?

High-quality human accountability means having experienced coaches skilled at listening and trained to support you, help you plan and succeed.

Unlike elite business or executive coaches whose custom programs cost hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, our service gives you convenient expert coaching from your device, without the hefty price tag.

I'm on an enterprise or gifted plan. Who can see my data?

The personal information communicated between you and your coach will never be shared to your manager or other individual within your company, or someone who may have gifted the service to you.

The trust between coach and client is one we honor, regardless of individual or enterprise account. The same strict privacy also applies in the case of a gifted plan.

The only information we do provide is meta information ( for example how many and which accounts are in use) for the purposes of billing and reporting, but the contents of such accounts (ie what is discussed with your coach) is never shared.

You can find full details on our privacy policy page.

Can I delete or export my data?

Yes. At any time you can download a full history of your daily progress to CSV format. In addition, you can also request deletion of your personal information at any time.

You can find full details on our privacy policy page.

Do you sell information to others?

No, your coaching information remains confidential and is not and will never be sold to any third parties outside of Goals Won Pty Ltd.

You can find full details on our privacy policy page.

What languages are supported?

Currently, our service is offered in English. In the future, we plan to offer more languages for our global clients.

Who is behind this project?

Our cofounders Joel (a programmer who studied also psychology at University) and Simon (with years of mobile game and app experience) originally met over a shared passion (you might call it geekdom) for accountability, productivity and positive habit formation.

Even before collaborating on GoalsWon we were both mentoring each other on productivity techniques and systems, which featured heavily in the initial development of the service. Put simply, this company was built to scratch our own itch for a streamlined one-way accountability service, and also to help empower others to achieve their potential. Nothing makes us more happy than seeing our clients hit milestones and achieve what they thought impossible before.

The company is registered in Melbourne (Australia) and is independent, founder-owned and bootstrapped, serving a global audience.

Learn more about our story here

Can I do a video call with someone to learn more?

We offer a complementary video call with someone from GoalsWon to explain the service, answer any questions you may have, as part of your subscription. Please request it to your coach and they will facilitate it.

Have a question that wasn't answered?

We'd be happy to answer it. We read and reply to all messages.

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