I'll admit... when it comes to marketing, we're still green 🐛

So far our efforts to get new visitors to GoalsWon have been scattershot - a bit of posting on Reddit, answering questions on Quora, making a couple of microapps, seeking press coverage, trying to launch on Hacker News / Product Hunt / Indie Hackers etc etc...

Thankfully we have gained new paying subscribers but the overall amount of traffic hitting our site is still low hundreds of visits per month.

What to do?

We had a chat and agreed we still wanted to continue marketing during the big rebuild. But rather than dabbling in everything, instead focus on less things for now:

1/ Learn SEO and content marketing

The goal is to write quality "super" articles that'll rank well in Google. This is something new to us, but Joel's been studying up and we have access to SEO analysis software so we'll give it a shot. We know it'll take time to see any results, but we're in it for the long term anyway so it makes sense to get started early on this...

2/ Get better at community posting

We occasionally make a post that gets a lot of comments and even awards, now we need to figure out how to do it more consistently and have that translate into visits to our sites. It may or may not be scalable long term, but it is real traffic in the short term.

3/ Try out paid ads

No idea if it will work (I'm kinda skeptical), but no harm to try, especially if we can begin with Google search ads we can do ourselves. If it doesn't work for now, we can always come back to it when we're more established.

So we'll see how these three go...

ps - if you have any other ideas do shout out :)

Simon & Joel

Co-Founders, GoalsWon​

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