Had a great call with our scientific advisor Amy, where we went through how we coach day by day.

The topic of how to handle difficult situations came up. For example if a client was suffering from severe depression or something more serious.

My explanation was that we are not psychiatrists and would recommend folks follow up with qualified mental health professionals.

Her answer was interesting - affirming it correct to not diagnose or treat the condition ourselves, but also suggesting to be open and vulnerable to add "though we can't help in treating your condition, we're here to listen if you'd like to share".

When we were pulling the app together last year we hadn't considered this might be part of the service for some. It was more about providing accountability to self-set goals, offering advice and tactics as well as encouragement.

But it's turned out we do have clients where we also provide moral support to listen when they are going through rockier times - something we didn't anticipate before launch.

So what Amy mentioned resonated and reinforced the need to form a bond of trust with new clients.

This little project has been a real learning journey - thanks Amy and all our valued clients 🌞

ps - in product updates, our target for this week is to launch "set tomorrow's goals in advance" as well as more visual polish and bug fixes. We also will work on the Apple Pay option - something requested by them.

Til next!
Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon

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