We built a thing we'd love you to try:

👉 iplan.to

It's a simple "don't break the chain" tracker. Just set a daily goal and start ticking. It'll launch Feb 1 but wanted to share first with you.

Can you reply with your feedback?

Our first microapp

Why spend time on this, especially when we have a backlog of bugs and features to do for GoalsWon?

Bottom line, after our failed initial launch we decided we'd devote half our time on marketing going forward, and within that try making free "microapps" that hopefully bring traffic to GoalsWon 🤞

Learning from the development

Whilst a simple site, we've still learned a lot. eg- about the importance of streamlining even in mockup stage. This was the first prototype:

vs the current version:

Not only did we make it prettier, we also trimmed the features (eg- removing setting your name) and as a result it's a lot easier to use now. We could have done that even before starting coding 😅

Helping improve GoalsWon?

Not only are we learning from it, we also figured out iplan.to may end up useful back in GoalsWon, particularly for displaying progress on repeating daily goals - a feature we're adding soon!

Anyway, would LOVE to hear your feedback on iplan.to - email us  

Simon & Joel,
Co-founders, GoalsWon

ps - we're swinging back to GoalsWon development now our first microapp is done, expect to see tons of fixes and features soon!

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