I've yet to meet a client that is time rich.

We already talked about how many of us find ourselves constantly time poor - constantly running from one errand to the next, one zoom call to the next, one fire fought to the next.

Even folks who take time to plan and prioritize their schedules well can find themselves overestimating how much time they have to work and how long things take.

That's where time tracking comes in.

That is, measuring where your time actually goes rather than imagine it goes, and using that data to adjust to reclaim more time in the day.

Far from being something restrictive and limiting ("sounds like more work to have to track and time everything and I'm busy enough as it is!") time tracking can actually be liberating.

You'll figure out you spend far more time than expected in travel between work and home.

Or that cooking prep is taking on average an hour a day.

Or that you spend an average of 45 minutes on social media when you thought you just do a quick check and update each day.

Once you have that data, you're in a position to decide:
a) what you should cut down or eliminate
b) what you can combine together to save time

For the first one, you may find that the hour and a half to travel to the gym, workout and come back may not be justified given you could work out at home.

Or for the second, you may find instead of calling your aunt while you're on the sofa, you could call her when you're out on your 30 minutes walk.

We can't make more time in our lives, and some things can't be sacrificed (sleep, healthy routines) but we can definitely be more productive and efficient with the rest.

You'll find the ROI on doing time tracking will more than pay for itself within days - so be like a rabbit and hop to it!


ps - for recommendations Toggl is a wonderful app with a capable free plan, that lets you track on desktop as well as mobile and web. If you're not sure what to track, start simple (just a few categories) and expand as needed.

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