You know those folks that just seem to effortlessly weave magic into their daily lives and have everything go right for them? It's like they got this infallible recipe for a beautiful, golden soufflé of success that rises to perfection, while some of us just get a deflated blob of dough every time.

But guess what? The trick is in the batter! All those steps they took right before getting it into the oven? Yup, that's the trick! So let's sneak into their kitchen and take some notes because we're here to uncover the top 10 habits of successful people!

(And pardon me while I go grab a snack, all this souflé talk got me hungry, oof!)

Decoding the Science Behind Habits: The Foundation of Success

So before we get into the habits of successful people, let's look at why they matter in the first place! Thing is, our brains are pretty amazing. They love patterns and routines, so when we repeat an action often enough, the brain starts going, "Ah, I see what you're doing there. Let me help you make it easier!"

This is where the science of habits comes in. Every habit we have, from brushing our teeth in the morning to binge-watching our favorite show in the evening, follows a three-part cycle: Cue, Routine and Reward.

The 'Cue' is something that triggers the habit. The 'Routine' is the habit itself. And the 'Reward'? Well, that's the juicy part that our brain loves, the payoff that tells our brain, "Hey, this feels good! Let's do it again."

Over time, as we repeat this cycle, the habit becomes ingrained in our brain, a sort of mental shortcut that's automatic and effortless. It's like when you first start learning to drive, it's all too much, right? Steering, braking, shifting gears, checking mirrors, it's a mind-boggling juggling act. But after a while, it becomes second nature, and you find yourself jamming to your favorite tunes while effortlessly navigating through traffic. That's the power of habits!

Now, here's the fun part. Just as we can create habits, we can also break or modify them. So those successful people we were talking about? They've harnessed this power, intentionally creating habits that serve them and steer them toward their goals.

So, are you ready to take a peek at these habits and maybe pick up a few for yourself? Let's go!

10 Habits of Highly Successful People

Alright, friend, you've waited patiently, and now it's time to unlock that chest of secrets. We're about to journey into the lives of those successful folks and discover the good habits that they swear by!

So, get ready, because we're about to dive deep, explore, and maybe even shake up our own daily routines a bit. After all, success isn't just for the chosen few, it's there for the taking for all of us, and it all begins with a single step. Or in our case, a single habit. So, let's get cracking, shall we?

1. Rising Early

Waking up early isn't just for the birds or that overly-energetic coworker who runs a marathon before breakfast!

Getting up early is like getting a head start while the rest of the world hits the snooze button. You get more time, less rush, and that quiet morning peace to plan out your day. This a golden opportunity to get things done before you get a chance to get busy with your day, so make sure to make the most of your morning routine like highly effective people do.

2. Time Management

Ever tried to build a model airplane without following the instructions? Chances are no matter how much focus effort you give it, you ended up with something that looked more like a penguin than a Boeing 747. In life, just like in model-building, having a plan can make all the difference!

Successful people know this. They're the grand architects of their lives, always having a blueprint for their day. They have their tasks laid out like neatly cut model parts, each given its rightful place and time!

Now here's a nugget of science for you. Parkinson's Law states, "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion": by having an organized schedule, and allotting specific time slots for tasks, you can prevent a 10-minute task from becoming a two-hour ordeal. It's like efficiently assembling your model airplane - each step is allotted the right time, making the process smooth and the result impressive.

So, put on your architect's hat, draft your to-do list, sketch up that morning routine, and let the organization pave the way for a day of smooth flying.

3. Never Stop Learning

Remember that rusty bicycle in your grandpa's garage? It's a perfect metaphor for our brain - if it's not used, it rusts. Successful people know this all too well. They perpetually engage in learning new skills, acting as their brain's rust-removal team. Be it a dense academic book, a light podcast episode, or a challenging puzzle, every learning opportunity is seized. The result? A brain that remains in top-notch condition, perpetually flexible and sharp without as much focused effort.

After all, neuroplasticity is our secret ally, reshaping our brains with every new piece of information we consume. And each learning experience is like a new coat of paint on that old bicycle, keeping it shiny and new.

So, go ahead, develop a new skill, delve into an intriguing topic, or just learn a new fun fact. Your brain will thank you for it.

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4. Embrace Failures

Tripping over a stone and face-planting in public isn't anyone's idea of fun. But what if each stumble unexpectedly revealed a shiny quarter? Suddenly, those embarrassments become profitable, huh?

This is how successful people perceive their failures. Each setback is not an obstacle, but a hidden treasure trove of wisdom. With every misstep, they gain insights that contribute to their long-term success, it's an opportunity to reflect, adjust and upgrade their plan. It's all part of the process, like a game where every fall gives you the ability to get those extra points!

Remember, these quarters of wisdom are the real currency in your piggy bank of experience. Next time you face a setback, rejoice! It's another quarter gleaming at you, signaling yet another chance for growth and improvement. So, trip, stumble, fall, but remember to pick up your shiny quarter before you rise again.

5. Healthy Living

Embracing a healthy lifestyle is much more than a quest for physical attractiveness. It is, in fact, one of the most important goals to develop when it comes to success. Regular physical exercise has a profound impact on cognitive functions since it enhances memory, attention span, and creativity. It also elevates mood and reduces stress, providing you with the mental stability needed to conquer daily tasks with greater efficiency!

Alongside exercise, your diet plays a vital role, after all, it's our fuel, and this is how we feed ourselves and, consequentially, our brains! A healthy diet can improve focus, decision-making ability, and emotional control.

And let's not forget the importance of getting enough rest! Successful individuals prioritize good sleep hygiene because they understand that the brain uses sleep time for essential tasks like memory consolidation, clearing toxins, and promoting neural growth. Sleep isn't merely a passive state, but rather an essential investment in our wellbeing and productivity.

6. Relaxation

Success is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and just as marathon runners understand the importance of pacing themselves and taking moments of rest, successful people understand the significance of relaxation. Regular moments of calm, tranquility, and relaxation are crucial for maintaining both physical health and mental sharpness.

Relaxation practices like meditation, deep breathing, and yoga can help reduce stress levels, lower heart rate, and decrease blood pressure. These benefits contribute to an overall improved mental state, enhancing focus, decision-making abilities, and emotional resilience.

By incorporating periods of relaxation into their routine, successful individuals ensure they have the stamina and mental clarity to face the challenges that come their way, ultimately bolstering their capacity to achieve and sustain success.

7. Take action

You know that feeling when you're on the edge of the high diving board, water glistening below, heart thumping in your chest? The only way to break free from the fear is to jump. In life, successful people jump. They take action because they know that even if they belly flop, at least they're in the water and not still stuck on the edge.

In life, there are no guarantees, and waiting for the perfect moment can lead to missed opportunities. Those who are successful understand this and are ready to dive in, despite the uncertainties and risks. They know that stagnancy leads nowhere, and it's better to take action and learn from the outcomes, even if they're not as expected.

Moreover, taking action isn't just about making a move. It's about learning, growing, and refining our strategies. Each decision we make, each step we take, can create invaluable lessons that contribute to our personal and professional growth. This approach towards action, where mistakes are seen as opportunities to develop rather than failures, creates a mindset of continuous improvement. So, let's not fear to take action, let's embrace it as a stepping stone towards our success.

8. Positive Attitude

Now, we've talked about this one in our other post about the benefits you get if you express gratitude.

Maintaining a positive attitude is a practice that can significantly impact your road to success. It's not about ignoring the negatives or pretending that everything is perfect - that would be unrealistic. Instead, it's about the ability to focus on the positives, no matter how small, and using them to fuel your motivation and resilience. It's about believing in your abilities and reminding yourself that you can overcome challenges.

Remember, a positive attitude is infectious; it can influence the people around you and develop a supportive and motivating environment. It can also change your perspective on failure, turning it into a lesson rather than a setback.

So, why not start today? Smile, acknowledge your achievements, and approach your day with optimism. Trust me, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes.

9. Networking

You've heard of the six degrees of separation, right? Imagine everyone you meet as a vibrant thread in a massive, intricate tapestry- every connection, and every conversation is a chance to add more color to your tapestry. That's how highly successful people view networking!

Whether it's striking up conversations during coffee breaks or engaging in meaningful discussions, sharing knowledge and experiences fuels personal and collective growth, which opens doors to new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities. Being open to meeting new people, can lead to job opportunities, collaborations, develop partnerships, or simply broadening your knowledge.

One conversation can open up a world of opportunities. So, get out there, be genuine, show interest in others, and start building your network. You never know where it might lead you.

You're not just networking; you're connecting and growing in your community.

10. Frugality

This one might sound like a dusty old concept from your grandparents' era, but trust me, it's as modern as tomorrow's news! Frugality is more than just pinching pennies, it's a mindset!

It's about aiming to have complete control over your resources, not just your money but how you spend time and energy.

Making thoughtful decisions is getting the most value out of your actions, and taking steps in the right direction, it's not about depriving yourself but about prioritizing and managing your assets effectively.


To wrap things up, our journey towards success is just as much about how we navigate the path as it is about reaching the destination. Each early morning, each step we take to plan our time efficiently, each opportunity we seize to learn and grow, every failure we embrace and learn from, our commitment to a healthy lifestyle, our efforts to keep our surroundings and mind organized, the importance we place on rest and relaxation, our boldness to take action, our conscious choice to maintain a positive attitude, our dedication to building strong networks, our wisdom in practicing frugality, our generosity in sharing, and our passion for reading, all shape us into the successful people we aspire to be.

Remember, success is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It's personal and unique to each of us. So, take these insights, tailor them to your life, and build your own version of success. It won't always be easy, but those are the moments that truly test us, the moments that define us. And if you'd like a smoother ride, it's always easier with the help of someone who knows all the shortcuts and that can support you during this journey, so I invite you to join our free trial and try it for yourself!

Keep going, keep growing, and enjoy every step of the way. You've got this!