Something changed in the last week...

So we're halfway through January and both of us noticed most beta users who got over the initial hurdle have been sticking with the service daily, and starting to make real changes in their lives.

If it was just 1 or 2 people we'd think it was more random, but we're starting to hear positive feedback from a bunch of different people who are all around 2-3 weeks in at this point 🤗

Some highlights-

"I'm finding having a small form of accountability to be very motivating."​
"It's getting easier to not overeat, which is great and in general I feel really good about my progress, so yay for me!"​
"I’ve finished everything I needed to do today. I’m amazed I managed to actually work on an assignment."​
"It’s really weird having done a lot of things and getting a lot done productivity wise. It’s a bit scary"​
"the prompt not to forget to meditate & exercise today really helped! :) "​
"I appreciate the graph! It genuinely helps me feel more motivated to meditate"​
"Love that (milestones awarded by coach) - bit of a dopamine hit when you reach it!"​
“I just realized today that it does make a difference having a steady accountability person on the other side”​
"I want y'all to know that your app has helped at least one person. Positivity in my household is overflowing"


What's extra encouraging is that this feedback is coming despite the still pretty rough app.

Somehow our outlook has lifted from uncertainty to a sense of "Yes thing we've built this is actually starting to help real folks!".

Honestly it's touching hearing all the stories of progress (and the trust our clients have shown us) - and gives us even more encouragement to do the same with this project 🌞


Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon

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