It's been a while! 😅

The good news is we're rolling ahead with the big rebuild for our accountability coaching app and so far it's going pretty well.

We've decided to take advantage of this "clean slate" and design a bunch of feature & usability improvements rather than just recreate what we have now.

We'll share the sneak peaks as we go.

Here's what we've started with:

  • Designed a much better database structure. In simple terms will make our app a lot faster and more stable
  • Decided to use a UI Kit library that will make everything look nicer cross platform and save us a lot of development time
  • Implemented a new authentication system, in addition to email we can now support Google & Apple sign-ins
  • Finished login, signup and reset password sections
  • Starting on the new Today view. We have a bunch of changed planned, including sorting options, tags, reminders etc.. will share more in coming updates

Have an awesome week!

Joel & Simon



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