I wish we could say we're feeling 100% confident heading into our launch for GoalsWon, but that aint the case.

First the self-doubt - what if we make the launch posts and they flop?

As in... no comments or no signups... 😴

Or maybe there's push-back about the value of a service like this, folks thinking the price isn't justified etc..

There's also the concerns on the product readiness. Whilst the new website is shaping up great (thankfully smoother than expected), we're not quite there yet on our app.

Joel and I have a call yesterday and it went "if we only had a couple extra weeks the first impression for our users would be waaaay more polished than now..."

Whilst we now have a group of new beta users via Reddit getting value out of what we have (been touching to read their positive messages) we're also very aware the product is still rough...we've heard that feedback too 😳

Yet we're so close to having a more stable and polished version- in just a couple of weeks we'll have the major bug fixed and major UX enhancements done eg easier prompts to submit if you forgot, being able to set daily goals in advance etc.

But...but... but.... the start of the year is when folks are in the mood to set their resolutions and make changes... we may have a far better product later this month but we might have also have missed out on the potential for a running start.

So, it's not ideal but we've gonna just go for it, starting first with a post on hacker news tomorrow...

Let you know next update how it turned out 😅

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon

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