So this is a very popular time management method, chances are that you already know it, but if not:

The Pomodoro Technique proposes to work focused during 25-minute intervals, and then taking a 5-minute break between each focused session.

It’s that simple.

But why are poms powerful and why should you use them?

Most of the benefits come from taking regular breaks.

They not only help you to stay focused during longer periods of time, they also play a critically important role in consolidating your memories.

By looking at the brain waves of volunteers performing a cognitive demanding task, scientists from NIH found activity patterns that suggested their brains were solidifying memories during the rest periods. They conclude that "resting, early and often, may be just as critical to learning as practice".

If you want to master the pomodoro technique, you need to use breaks wisely.

Use this time to restore your energy, drink water, do some light exercise, stretch, meditate, or just close your eyes. Do not involve in any activity that sucks you in, such as browsing the internet, using your phone or watching TV.

Apart from that, poms make it easier to commit to a task. Starting to work on a constrained period of time won’t appear as daunting as doing it until it’s done or until you get bored or tired (which might happen first).

However, it may occur that you find your mind wandering while you are in the middle of a pomodoro session. That’s normal, no need to feel bad about it. As soon as you notice it, gently bring back your attention to the thing you are doing.

I propose you start planning your day on 25-minute chunks. You will be breaking down your tasks into more manageable segments, and additionally, you will get a good estimate of how long it will take.

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