Dirty laundry time...

When Joel and I were discussing the culture for GoalsWon, one thing we both agreed on was to try to be super transparent and build "in public" as much as possible... so in that spirit:

Earlier in the week we started putting our Top 3 Problems™ right at the top of our daily call document, to remind ourselves the big picture (way too easy to get lost in the gazillion day to day issues)

​As of right now they are:

1. Most beta users who begin don’t return

A minority stick and use the service daily or regularly but most don't. This could be due to:

  • Confusion about daily vs goals?
    ...we are renaming and improving the UI to make it clear, we'll see if this helps
  • No notifications?
    ...our apps launching this coming week have email and platform notifications so hopefully this goes away​
  • People feel "empty" first time they enter?
    ...planning to try to solve with a welcome message ready for them guiding them what to start with ​
  • Not personal enough?
    ...planning to include coach profile pic to reinforce this is a real person on the other side, plus having chat notifications should help eg- Joel says - Have a great yoga session after lunch!​
  • Bugs?
    ...several big bugs that affected beta users, need to get quality up before launch (getting some freelance QA testers to help us out)​​
  • Not paid users / right profile?
    ...we'll see how behavior goes once we launch and (hopefully) get first paying clients on board, right now it's free and maybe commitment is much lower than it would be otherwise?​
  • Something else about the service?
    ...right now we'll see how the above fixes go (thankfully they are all pretty fast), if they don't help we'll have to dig deeper.

2. Navigation isn't intuitive

We have a much better user interface design, which we feel will be a lot clearer and convenient to use. Hopefully this can help move the needle.

3. Not sure of these, mostly assumptions and guesswork now

A meta one - right now we're just guessing on many of these reasons as we lack enough user feedback.

We have been brainstorming different ways we can try to get that honest feedback eg- survey via email, looking at analytics, maybe in app polls... it's frustrating not knowing and not getting responses when we ask folks, but we'll need to get better at this skill to iterate effectively...

Anyway, that's where we stand right now... back to launch prep! 😬

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon

​ps - happy to receive our first chat message notifications​

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