Time for a big update full of little improvements 😊

Version 2.3.7 has rolled out now on iOS, Google Play and web, including the following goodies:

New Sorting Options

Before we had the option to sort by completed goals or by color / create time but not both together.

Which made it a bit annoying for folks who wanted to see completed things at the top (or bottom) but still keep their goals grouped by color, or in order of create time.

Now we've introduced a 3 layer sorting system which let's us arrange things a lot nicer.

New sorting options
Ticked first! Unticked grouped by color!

This also applies for inbox as well as for monthly target sorting as well, useful as we're seeing clients starting to create a lot more targets with the improved monthly system we rolled out a few weeks back.

Implementation intention shortcuts

The research shows one of the most effective ways to adopt habits (and avoid bad ones) is to use implementation intentions.

To summarize: when X happens, perform Y

For example, if I feel the urge to go through to go into the McDonalds drive through when hungry in the car, I'll reach for the almonds in the glovebox instead.

Or after washing the dishes after dinner, I'll study my cell biology lectures for half an hour.

We've now made it easier to go to the description section to add this implementation intentions info - when, where, how etc.

Tapping the lightbulb icon takes you....
...to a place to add implementation details

Copy & paste, drag & drop

Another small thing that ends up being a great improvement is new drag & drop, and copy & paste support for images directly into the chat window on the web version.

Because we all need more windmills in our life

No more awkward saving temporary files and hunting for them to upload.

Default day for weekly repeating goals

When you want to setup a goal that repeats once a week, usually it's on the day you're currently on when you create it. So by default we'll select today for weekly repeating - of course you can adjust it, but for most of the times it will save the extra step...

Tip - you can also schedule multiple days to repeat

Fixes and more...

We also solved a ton of bugs in this update to do with auto submitting, overdue and missing targets, logouts and more. We also added direct account deletion in iOS as well as some enhancements to new user experience, to make it more personal with your coach when you get going.

Great, now I can tick off the "Do blog post" goal for today ✅

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