There’s a cliche in software development that the last 10% takes 90% of the time, and it certainly feels like that over the past few weeks 😅

Overall though Joel and I are excited with how the new rebuild version is shaping up. 

The other day we went through to update the roadmap and tick off what we had originally planned for the rebuild, and were surprised at how much extra we did beyond the original plans.

Right now we’re nearly there, now down to a small list of remaining things before we can launch:

  • Some bug fixes
  • Add back reminder notifications 
  • Auto updates and database backups
  • Add your own profile pic
  • Links from settings
  • Sound effects* 

We’re gunning to get this all done and dusted within the week - fingers crossed! 🤞🏻 

* we decided to add some app sound effects for a bit more personality. Had a lot of fun picking options and now voting on which we like for the different places of the app. Don’t worry, if you like your apps whisper-silent there’ll be an option to disable them in settings

Simon & Joel
Co-Founders, GoalsWon

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