How often do you hit the gym or go for a run?
For too many of us the answer is not enough.

Exercise isn't just for physical health though…

There's a myriad of research illuminating the cognitive benefits that comes from regular exercise... did you know that it:

  • improves your creative thinking
  • reduces your stress and anxiety
  • improves your working memory
  • sharpens your focus
  • increases your cognitive stamina
  • and more…

And these benefits don't need months of years of practice to kick in, the results can be triggered from as little as a single session.

So if you're serious about your goals and productivity, make exercise a part of your day!

ps - want to increase your bang for the buck with your exercise? According to research from the Neural Science at New York University schedule your exercise in the morning for maximum impact. This is because neurotransmitters and growth factors are naturally highest earlier in the day, so amplifying it then can help learning and memory through the day. Now, let's go set that alarm!

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