Good week! 🚆

Lots of progress on multiple fronts...

Our app prototype is moving forward, majority of the client features are up and running now. Still super buggy but we'll get through those. Still haven't started the coach side interface but that should be a lot faster as it's not user facing and also single platform (desktop web browser) so way less frontend coding to do.

We also went through the full MVP spec and agreed the feature set for initial launch, and also improved the UI design. This still needs to be implemented, but overall will be a big improvement from the rough first version.

Finally we have agreed to target our public launch by end of December, and brainstormed on how we'll launch and what marketing tactics to try first. Lot of detail to figure out but good to have the high level idea and a firm date to work towards.

ps - this was also the first week of acting as each others' GoalsWon coaches (sharing screenshots of the prototype back and forth on Slack). Positive experience, and less weird than expected 😅

Simon & Joel

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