Not sure about you, but when I check out an app, one of the first things I do is search for reviews to see other folks' views.

But what about for our fledgling accountability coaching startup?

It's not like we have a Super Bowl stadium's worth of clients (yet 😂)... but if it's hard to convince people to join without that, then how to get past the chicken and egg thingy at the start?

One way we're going to try is by launching our first reviews page - see it live here (more are being added soon)

I'll be honest, it felt a bit awkward to ask our clients, many of whom have been with us since the first wave of beta, but we got over it and made the humble request whether they'd like to be included.

And we've been stoked (that may be Aussie slang, not sure? anyway, very pleased!) with many saying they'd be happy to have their quote included - we had proposed something based on feedback they had shared during the coaching.

One nice bonus was to finally be able to put a face to the name for the first time for many folks - and Joel and I decided spontaneously to add a profile pic section to our internal coaching interface.

A small thing but has really helped it spark even more of a feeling of human connection doing the coaching...

So, as we're finding out several times now, something a thing we do for one reason ends up helping in a totally different way as well.

Another fun learning on this startup journey 🐾

Now let's see if this review page helps out...

Simon & Joel, Co-founders

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