Our coaching service is based on helping you in self-improvement best practices PLUS keep you accountable to the goals you set for yourself each day.

Human accountability is really key.

Knowing someone is there who cares if you get things done, and if you don’t will help you figure out together how to adjust things gives a real boost according to our clients.

With our new feature Nominated Supporters, we’ve upped the accountability factor.

Now in addition to your coach, you can optionally nominate a Supporter to receive automatic email updates of your progress.​

Nominated supporter email
Nominated supporters email

For example, my partner gets my daily updates, and it’s extra motivation to put in the effort to get things done and move forward.

As a client, you have the option to choose what a nominated supporter sees, from these options:

  • Daily results
  • Milestones awarded
  • Targets added
  • Targets achieved
Nominate a supporter settings screen
Nominated supporters settings screen

If you’re a client check it out in Settings!

And if you’re not yet a client but want to give it a shot, we have a 14-day free trial, working with a dedicated experienced coach - check it out here.

Joel (and the team!)

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