“I was there Gandalf, 3000 years ago…” 

Right from the very start of GoalsWon, there have been a handful of heavily requested features from our clients.

And finally this month, we are delivering on not one, not three, but two of them!

React with emojis 🥰

Like, heart, clap, hamster or more, the choice is yours with our emoji reactions.

You can react to a message your coach sent, or to your own chat messages - after all we’re big fans of positive self encouragement   …pats self on back…

And your coach can also react to messages too:

Hopefully this can build a more personal bond between you and your coach. 

And we have to say, we’re having a lot of fun being more expressive and seeing the extra emotion beyonds the words.

If you haven’t already, give it a spin 🚲

Starred messages ⭐

Every so often, there’s a message from your coach, or a self reflection put down that really resonates, or a helpful reference or resource to check out later - and folks have told us they want to be able to save it for future reference.

Well, up til now that involved a lot of scrolling (#ripthumbs) to try to find those in the past.

Well now we have the ability to star a message:

…and then see all of them from a dedicated screen, by tapping the star icon on the top right:

It’s a handy one, and nice to know that those messages that matter are just a single away.

Like with emoji reactions, you can star both your coach and your own messages.

Big thanks to Yasmin, Jaime, Shiv, Shen, Pratik, Aarush, Mars, Grace, Ben, Simon, Kat, Jeroen, Alisia and many others who made the request for these two.

We 💖 you all!

Ps - lots more fun and productive stuff coming up, including a test for API integration. If that one sounds interesting and you want to help us beta test it, please let your coach know!

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