Quick update - we've started using the new GoalsWon version internally which is a really nice little milestone after months of work on it.

So how is it?

Well of course lots of small bugs and some rough edges in the UI but so far so good, already putting some of the new goodies like tags to good effect and overall more snappy than the old version. I like it!

Our plan is to crunch through the fixes and get it out to all our clients as soon as possible, most likely next week, then move on to the web version.

Personally we use the web version on desktop for most daily use, so switching to the mobile app version as sole "daily driver" should be a good experience to reconnect with what our clients will be using and feel the pain points first hand (most use the mobile app versions)

Alright back to it, wish us luck with the bugs! 🐛

Simon & Joel
Co-Founders, GoalsWon

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