So we're one month into the GoalsWon accountability app beta and here's how it's gone so far:

Beta results after a month

Some findings:

  • Only half the folks who expressed interest to join the beta actually went ahead to create an account (much less than expected)
  • Around 90% who created an account set at least one daily goal, which isn't too bad given we don't yet have a tutorial or onboarding flow
  • Of the people who created their first daily goal, over 40% ended up sticking for the entire month, most using it daily (way higher than expected)

Overall we've been really pleased with the long term retention rate and the feedback from clients, which is despite the many bugs and rough edges in the product - for example a nasty bug where some days got missing, which we've only just managed to reproduce and finally started to fix😅

All up January has been a really encouraging month, with some setbacks but also but also a ton of learning which we count as a win.

Really looking forward to make forward progress on both product and starting our marketing proper during Feb 🌄

Joel & Simon,
Co-founders, GoalsWon​

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