This week Joel's been fixing bugs in our accountability coaching app

Sounds good right? But looking at the stats we see many folks don't update their app version often.

Not only does this mean they suffer already-fixed bugs longer than needed (eg- slow ticks), it also means we don't get the timely feedback needed to iterate well...

How do we solve this? 🤔

After jamming on it we decided to add update prompts in 1.0.13, our next release

So if we have a new version (say 1.0.14) clients will see what's new and choose if they want to update now or do it themselves later.

And if the new version includes a truly important fix or change, we'll mark it as mandatory so folks must update before using the app.

We know updating isn't always fun, especially when you're busy and just want to log your meditation before jumping into a job report, but we think the benefits will be worth it.

We'll see how it goes!

Joel & Simon, Co-founders
GoalsWon - human accountability coaching app

ps - prior founders updates are here

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