And we're live on Android! 🤖

After a bunch of last minute bug fixes, we pushed our new v2 app to the public Google Play Appstore.

Felt great but on our call, we agreed to postpone our internal celebration til we get the same done on the Apple side. Especially given we have more clients on Apple than Android right now.

To do that though, we're figuring out a tricky Apple In App Purchase bug - we had to implement their payment system in order to publish with them. Hopefully we can figure it out soon and submit for approval.

We also decided to ship with a few things missing vs the old version, as we think v2 was still much better overall even as it is now.

So our plan is right after going live is to rapidly update to add back the missing things:

  • Notifications  eg- reminder to submit yesterday, set your goals for the day etc
  • Faster submit - right now it takes several seconds, slower than before
  • Make scroll work more smoothly
  • Autosubmit after 2 days if haven't done it yourself

But first, time to get this IAP bug fixed! 😅

Joel & Simon
Co-Founders, GoalsWon

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