Development is still paused waiting for other stuff to be finished😰... so decided to spend some time to think about how to improve the coaching.

One thing I came up with was recording progress in a more structured way, so that I can produce graphs to help clients better visualize progress and reasons for success or setbacks.

This is something I'm super passionate about - each night I record a bunch of different metrics and update weekly graphs every Sunday for self review.

eg- how many days that week I got cardio in:

How many days of cardio per week?

Or the reasons I worked later at night than I should have:​

Why did I work late at night?


Visualizing the data like this helps me understand patterns and come up with tactics to build on good habits or break bad ones.

So will try it out with clients to see if it helps in a similar way.

For example, tracking what time someone who wants to improve their sleep goes to bed, and if later than a target, recording the reasons in a consistent way so I can produce pie charts for the main reasons...

I'm excited to see how this addition will go 🤞

Til next,

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