I have encouraging news!

I believe you're going to read this right to the end, and feel more optimistic than when you started.


Because research shows you can have far better goal achievement when you frame your goals in a positive (approach) vs negative (avoidance) manner.

Researchers from Stockholm University found a relative increase of over 25% in the rate of folks achieving their new year's resolutions, when they were framed in a positive way.

This is the power of positive priming.

Lifting yourself up works better than self scolding and avoidance.

So instead of "avoid junk food" let's try "enjoy healthy foods".

Instead of "don't stay up late" instead use "wind down early and enjoy a good sleep".

Instead of "stop smoking" try "live a happy smoke-free life".

If you have been too harsh on yourself before with your goals, that's totally fine! Give yourself permission to forgive yourself.

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