Let's start today with a little roleplay.

In the last week, you've been procrastinating, which has led you scoring badly on an important exam.

To add insult to injury, you have a second one coming up next week, you're feeling stressed and finding it hard to get things together.

What to do?

Option A - apply tough love for stuffing up the first one and psych yourself to to better on the next one


Option B - forgive yourself for your poor result, put it in the past and try to get started on the next one

Turns out one of these approaches reduces procrastination on the second exam.

Which do you guess it is?

If you thought back to the last tip about positive framing and think it's option B, you'd be right - give yourself a tick for being a good student ✅!

Turns out the self-forgiveness approach reduced procrastination 20%, according to researchers from Carleton University in Ontario.

Not only is forgiveness positively associated with well being, it also delivers superior outcomes in goal achievement.

Talk about double rainbow all the way!

Now, forgive yourself if you overate, woke up late, forgot to pet your cat or left the toilet seat up, and have an even better rest of the day!

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