It feels like a side quest in our RPG...

We started "Don't Waste Today" (procrastination checker app) to help level up our dev skills before the rebuild, and it definitely has achieved that goal. Whilst a lot smaller in scope than GoalsWon, it uses the same tech components and whilst it took an extra week than expected, it's been worth it. Here's a screenshot preview-

Most of the features are done and now it's mostly bug fixes, minor ux tweaks and getting Apple Login to work before we finish up and launch. Then we'll be ready to rumble for the rebuild!

In other news congrats Joel!

My co-founder Joel is a humble guy but I really thought I should share his good news with you - he just won the award for being the overall top student for his entire university this year!

As background Joel is finishing up his thesis for Comp Sci (having also spent time studying Psychology before) and this award really is a testament to his hard work, planning and creativity - no mean feat to do so well in studies while also launching a startup! 👏

Co-Founder, GoalsWon

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