Hi friends!

Thought it'd be fun to share updates as I try to get GoalsWon off the ground...​

Hunting for an app developer

First an intro

If we haven't met yet I'm Simon, the guy behind this new startup 👋

My path here is a windy one - I've been an engineer, game designer, chocolate producer, founder and more. Pretty random but a common thread has been a fascination with productivity & self improvement (to the point my wife thinks it's a bit weird, but then again she just bought a ukulele so we call it even)

So why start GoalsWon?

As a work from home founder, I've found I do much better with human accountability.

Whether it's trying to launch stuff, lose weight or make time for family, having someone check I'm setting goals and putting in effort each day vastly increases my chance of success.

Over the past few years I've tried various services, but none fit what I was after - an app for accountability in a fun & efficient way. So in May this year I thought why not just try to build it...and here we are.

Next goal - find an app developer!

Over the past week, got the MVP mockup and spec done for client, coach and admin interfaces. Pretty happy how it's shaping up. But not being a coder myself, I had interviews with developers to try to find a contractor who will code the app with me.

The plan for this week is to start some paid tests with the shortlist (have narrowed it down to 5) then decide. Right now the GoalsWon beta service is via email which is helpful for learning but very clunky - we heard that feedback loud and clear. So finding an app developer would be a big step forward.

​Til next week...

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