After over a month of submitting, being rejected, trying again we're finally live on iOS! 🍎

You can download it for your iPhone here

Looking back it's been quite a journey to get it approved!

From needing to implement Apple IAP as a payment option (despite coaching being listed as exempt from that) through to random unreproducible iOS bugs, figuring out all the privacy settings, needing to add terms of service in a specific way and more.

When we finally got the "The status of your app is now Pending Developer Release" email it was a massive relief. Especially to be able to migrate folks off the Test Flight version (Apple's testing platform) to the real deal 🥳

It takes a tribe...

Now we're finally live, it's time to give a shout out to all who made suggestions and requests that helped shape all the new features - huge thank you 🙏

  • Convert targets into "achieved" (and separate deleted) instead of  ✔
    Thanks Gianluca, Gareth!
  • Uplifting sounds, eg on startup 🌞
    Thanks Grace, Jeremy!
  • Color option to arrange goals and targets 🔶
    Thanks Tori, Gareth, Grace!
  • Ability to delete chat messages 🚮
    Thanks Elia, Bella, Gareth!
  • Confirm before sending image in chat 😎
    Thanks Alejandra, Bella!
  • Recurring daily goals aka habits 🔁
    Thanks Iris, MJ, Yasmin, Mars, Guille, Angela!
  • Targets changed to monthly targets 🥅
    Thanks Charlotte, Mars, Christy, Grace!
  • Calendar picker in UI 📅
    Thanks Gareth!
  • Ability to undo/edit/resubmit prior submitted days 🔙
    Thanks Elia!
  • Optional custom text set by coach in submit popup 📣
    Thanks Mars!
  • Postpone (move from today to tmr) ➡
    Thanks Grace, Gareth, Bonita!
  • Repeating daily goals on days of week 🔂
    Thanks Bella!
  • Inbox - daily goals without a date 🏠
    Thanks Gareth, Leo!
  • Option to respect phone silent mode for sounds 🔇
    Thanks Yasmin, Luchin!
  • Fun example goals and targets 🤡
    Thanks Jeremy!
  • Badge and celebrate new milestones 🥂
    Thanks Charlotte!
  • Dark mode 🌃
    Thanks nearly everyone!

And to everyone who reported bugs, checked fixes and all round helped us improve, you're awesome! 🌞

Onwards and upwards!

Joel & Simon
Co-Founders, GoalsWon