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Joel and Leo finished coding our micro-app that helps track how much you procrastinate and why. I've been using it the last week and found it fun and helpful.

We have Android and iOS and it's open source (code is here)

I'd love to hear what you think of the app - hit reply and let me know!

Project postmortem

Here's what we learned from creating

  • It did help us learn a lot on the frameworks which will help us with the GoalsWon rebuild (which was the main goal)
  • We ended up spending a month on the project vs 2 weeks originally budgeted, mostly due to overspec and setup/learning
  • A lot of time was spent on the Apple or Google specific stuff, notifications, login systems
  • We haven't marketed this app (and likely won't have any/much time to given we ran over) - reminder that creating a product is only half the battle
  • It was a good experience to code it together with Leo & Joel working together (first time). Helped make better decisions having the extra pair of eyes on things.
  • In hindsight, a good idea to do the project, though next time we should aim for a simpler, smaller feature set 😅

Now back to the GoalsWon rebuild!

Simon & Joel

Co-founders, GoalsWon​​​

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