Yesterday Joel and I had our usual Sunday review call. We'd hoped to have completed the two big features left before the rebuild:

  • Ability to set repeating daily goals
  • Ability to set repeat til complete goals

But we didn't hit get those done, in fact we hadn't even started them.


A lot of time was spent on debugging but also implementing new crash and log reporting. This lets us gather a lot more info when the app crashes, helping us fix it faster.

So for this week - no real visual signs of progress from the user point of view, no new features or UI improvements.

But on the other hand, we're learning that these types of "delayed gratification" efforts can really be worth it.

For example- we spent a solid week before implementing the "what's new / upgrade" system, which if you've been using our app you've no doubt seen. That week of development didn't add any new features, but suddenly now we have the ability to have everyone move quickly to new versions, with all the benefits that brings.

Instead of before where we'd individually request everyone to upgrade (painful!) - and having a long lag before most users had done that, now within a day our entire client base can be on the new versions and know what's going on.

So, a good reminder to ourselves to always consider the benefits beyond just the short term.

Now, on to those two features

Simon & Joel

Co-founders, GoalsWon​​

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