Only 12 days til launch for our GoalsWon coaching service... scary stuff! 😱

To give ourselves a chance to hit Jan 1, we decided to push out a bunch of planned features from the initial version. eg- being able to set daily goals in advance. We know we need it, but we're worried about the required database change and potential for bugs that might derail our launch etc...

Even after shifting a bunch after launch, there's still a boatload that needs to get done, for example:

  • Getting our iOS and Android apps approved
  • Coach message notifications implemented
  • Sending images in chat supported
  • Improving our navigation & interface
  • Being able to set tomorrow's motivation messages for clients
  • Roll out the new website with content and graphics
  • Check any new feedback or bugs from latest beta testers
  • Setup A/B testing for homepage
  • Getting billing up and running
  • Implementing the sign up flow
  • Get analytics working
  • Do full QA test round
  • Launching the blog and socials
  • Deploy 2 marketing sites to help the launch
  • Fix a ton of bugs in our Trello
  • Make sure systems can handle any launch spikes
  • Do all the launch announcements etc.
  • And remember to breathe...

It's gametime! ⚡

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon

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