We got started this week on coding, though it took a different direction than expected.

Multiplatform misunderstanding

I had assumed that the framework used for the prototype mobile app (React Native) would handle web as well, but turns out from Raj it can't 😯

So a couple of days were spent researching what to use for the web version (both desktop as well as phone/tablet browser), and the decision was made for React js. I asked for a rough idea of how much work it would take to do the web version in addition to mobile, and his guess was 60% more. So basically, some savings / code sharing but still a decent amount extra. Anyway, glad to know up front and decision made - he's going ahead with setting up the web version, as we've made the call to develop both mobile and web in parallel.

Fire starter 🔥

Apart from web research, Raj also setup Firebase for the cloud database. Basically, it's a Google service that lets mobile apps get a ton of cool backend features out of the box (eg databse, realtime messaging, offline / sync, authentication etc etc). It also plugs into stats and visualizations so am looking forward to use those laters once we get into live tests.

Next step - what about 🖥️️?

Raj asked what the desktop web version should look like, and I didn't have a good idea as all the mockups have been done on mobile. And obviously putting a mobile interface in a desktop monitor browser isn't ideal, so we need a bit of work to design something appropriate. I am looking for a freelance designer, though may put something interim together if can't find someone quickly.

Gotta say, it's great to have dev started! Should be a fun next week...