App development is still on hold, it's looking like our developer Raj can get back to it early this week... fingers crossed 🤞​

In the meantime have been enjoying the coaching - it's been surprisingly motivating to hear the wins, plus giving advice has helped me also rethink how to hit my own goals eg- bouncing back faster after breaking a good clean-eating streak etc​

Some other things I've observed...

  • The types of goals are diverse. Am seeing lots of different health and professional targets, as well as those more on the personal & relationship front.
  • Most folks have multiple goals in these different areas (though we often choose to focus on just one or two at the start to build initial momentum)

​But one thing I didn't anticipate though is there seems to be broadly two groups of clients who've emerged in this beta:

  1. those really struggling with something major (eg- weight gain, severe procrastination etc) and view the coaching as a bit of a lifeline to get out of the hole
  2. another group who view it as a means to get even higher performance from an already impressive set of habits (analogy would be pro athletes being coached to new personal bests)

Surprisingly there seems to be no folks in the middle.

​How this affects the launch later this year? Honestly I'm not sure.

Do I double down and just focus on one of the two groups?

Or keep it broad and try to cater to both, perhaps with separate sets of messaging on the website?

And does deciding affect more than just messaging? eg- would the feature set in the app change based on this

​Either way, something will need to think about in coming weeks...

Til next,

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