Another solid week with a bunch of progress 🏄

Our board of tasks

The app bug fixing is mostly done, and we're about to start the final UI tweaks.

Mockups for the mobile app

We're also making good ground on the backend interface, which is what will let our coaches interact with the app clients.

Won't you be our beta tester?

We're shooting for around a week from now to have our app beta ready for testing on web, android and iOS.

We're looking to have 10 new folks help test so we can learn from actual use (a week or more) and also start to help more folks with goals.

Full disclosure - as the first beta version, it's gonna be rough around the edges, so perfect for all you thrill seekers out there 😅

Let us know if you're interested to give it a shot?

​Thanks in advance
- Simon & Joel 🙏

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