Deciding what's next

As a startup there's always a tough decision where to focus. Obviously coaching (and learning from clients) is top priority - something we do each morning. But beyond that, there's plenty to choose from eg-

The long to-do list
  • There are 118 bugs (from trivial to terrifying 😅) to fix on our client and backend apps
  • There are 41 items on the feature roadmap we'd love to implement as soon as possible
  • There are 22 marketing ideas we'd like to try out
  • And 17 other random items in our Trello boards...

To help us simplify, we've decided to try out a new approach:

One week development.
One week marketing.

That'll ensure (in theory) we won't spend all our time making a great product but have no cycles to share that with the world. Or do the opposite spending all our time marketing a product that is way less than we think it could (and should) be.

We did debate doing that alternating within a day (eg morning on marketing, afternoons on dev) or alternating days, but finally agreed it better to try the longer stretches to focus and go deep - we'll see how it works out...

So this week starting 8th Feb will be dev week (continuing with intense bug hunting 🐛) and week starting 15th Feb will be marketing week etc.

Hitting a milestone

In other news, we're happy to have started our first revenues 🐣

It's a another milestone on the journey - which we celebrate by playing of our kalimbas 🎵 Beyond helping validate our concept, it's also extra motivation to keep improving our service for all our clients. Onwards to dev week!

Joel & Simon, Co-founders
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