There comes a point that even the most disciplined person will face a rough day and make a bad decision, breaking their streak.

It might be that Dunkin Donuts left in the office pantry. Or the new update of that hot game that all your friends play. Or a bad night of sleep, and a decision to not wake up for that 6am run.

Just like with new year's resolutions, this is often where peoples journeys end.

That "miss" turns into two, then three, then soon we're sucked back into old, unproductive ways.

So, how do we bounce back from our first miss?

By immediately sitting down to ask yourself:

a) why did you make that bad decision, the underlying reason. You may have eaten that donut, but perhaps you were extra tempted because of exhaustion from working too late at night and also forgetting to pack healthy food.

b) what you will change to make the better decision if you are in that situation in the future (spoiler alert - you WILL be)

c) what is the immediate thing you can do to bounce back. For example, you missed your morning run, there's still time to do one now, even if it's night. Or it's hitting the kitchen and preparing a veg bowl for your lunch tomorrow.

Whatever you do, don't delay. And once you've done your analysis don't dwell. If you're feeling guilt, take a deep breath, forgive yourself and forge a path forward!


ps - if you learn each time you slip and keep picking yourself back up, you're on a path to long term mastery. Keep going!

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