Big milestone, the coach interface is up and running!

​It's also working together with the client, so yesterday we archived the slack channels we'd been using til now and switched to GoalsWon fully for our daily coaching of each other:

​This is how it looks from the client side (web version):

And this is the first version of coach...

And for posterity our first ever chat exchange 😎

Got to say, it was a huge thrill to really start using it fully...

​Earlier in the week we decided to log all the milestones in the journey (startups are hard, important to enjoy the special moments). We even rang a bell to mark the beginning of the beta 🔔

Next, we need to fix a nasty chat crash and couple other bugs, then we can roll it out to the first folks who expressed interest (so far 12 people)

Can't wait...

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon