Yikes this week has been busy!

Debated skipping this update but decided better late than never... would hate to break the streak 😅

Well the good news for this week is that our little marketing side project DontWaste.Today went a little bit viral...

Out of the folks who visited the landing page, we had over 900 download the app, register and start using it. For us that's pretty big!

Why did this one work?

I think the reason DontWaste.Today worked much better than our other marketing micro projects was:

  • Procrastination is something many (many!) people want a solution to
  • We had a simple but effective landing page with strong calls to action with good explanation of why the app can help
  • Fun visual design and logo
  • The app being free obviously helped
  • Making it opensource built trust - in fact we already had a random contributor code a new feature to the project already!
  • We got a good kickoff from Reddit and other posts. It'll be interesting if the traffic starts building after the launch bump, if the app store rankings start giving more ongoing organic installs..

Will it help GoalsWon?

Whilst the main goal was learning for our rebuild, it's pretty cool that our email list has gone up so quickly from this. It'll be interesting to see how many folks end up joining our main service - we also have an in-app message about GoalsWon that appears after a couple of days of use, and will figure out how to email folks on the list as well.

Anyway, back to the rebuild!

Simon & Joel

Co-founders, GoalsWon

ps - Joel just hit a 365-day exercise streak which blows my mind! I've decided to try to follow suit. 3 days done, only 362 to go 😅

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