Roll up your sleeves because we're about to dive headfirst into the magical world of productivity apps and get some work done! And no, they're not just for those 'Type A' folks with an insatiable love for lists and a hankering for hardcore organization. They're for everyone who wants to squeeze every drop of juicy productivity out of their day.

In this post, we'll explore ten of the best productivity and project management apps for 2024 that can improve efficiency and save you from the tiring search and going through all the different apps that can help you with staying productive.

(All of them are available on both Android and Apple devices)

Why Are Productivity Apps Important?

Now you're sitting there probably thinking, "Alright, these apps sound cool, but why exactly do I need them?" Well, in the digital age where we're constantly juggling work, life, and everything in between, productivity apps serve as your digital lifeline. They're not just about making lists; they're about making your life a little less chaotic and a whole lot more manageable.

Science agrees with this suggesting that using productivity apps can significantly enhance self-organization and even lighten the sense of work overload, and also that they can also be your secret weapon in the battle against procrastination. It's like having a personal trainer for your tasks, pushing you to get things done. And hey, the cherry on top? Higher productivity levels are linked with less stress and more happiness, so that's a win-win!

GoalsWon Accountability Coach

If you're like me and have tried every productivity app known to mankind but they all seem to fall through in a matter of weeks, some human accountability might be the thing for you.

That's right, GoalsWon isn't just your everyday task-listing app, it's your productivity sidekick, in the form of a real-life professional coach! They're in your corner, tailoring and hacking away into your routine with tried-and-tested, science-backed techniques. You're not just setting goals here, but you're smashing them with a buddy who's as invested in your success as you are.

What sets GoalsWon apart from other productivity apps is the personalized connection you end up developing with your coach. In a world where bots are usually the ones lending an ear, it's super refreshing to have an actual person at the other end of the line that actually listens, encourages, and cheers you on, especially when the going gets tough. After all, even the best of us need a little pep talk now and then.

Scientifically speaking, having a professional coach on your side can increase your chance of reaching your goal by a whopping 39%- more than peer coaching or no coaching! So, with GoalsWon, you're not just turbocharging your productivity; you're also becoming part of a supportive community that believes in you and your goals. And who can say no to that?

Forest: Focus for Productivity

The Forest app introduces a unique and engaging way to enhance focus. More than an app, it's a personal challenge that holds the power to help restore our planet!

Hold on let me explain, imagine this: you kick off a task and plant a virtual seed. As you stay focused, your tiny seedling grows into a sturdy tree. But lose focus, and your budding tree withers away. That's some motivation, right? It's like having a little green friend who roots for you (get it, roots?) as you power through your to-do list.

And here's the magic. As you cultivate your virtual forest, you're also helping plant real trees in the world! Forest teams up with environmental organizations to plant tangible trees using the coins you've earned. So, every tick on your checklist contributes to a greener planet. With Forest, you're not just boosting your productivity; you're lending a hand to our planet. Now, how's that for saving the world, one task at a time?

Google Tasks

This app proves with its simple interface that less is more. It's like your room after a good spring cleaning - no clutter, just what you need!

With Google Tasks app, you can create tasks, slap on due dates, and even split up those big, scary tasks into bite-sized, manageable subtasks. But its true brilliance lies in the seamless integration with Google, having all your other apps in this ecosystem really improves one's workflow.

The interface is as fuss-free and friendly. A couple of clicks and you're good to go, managing tasks and getting a bird's-eye view of your schedule. Its smooth integration with your Gmail account and Google Calendar makes bouncing between tasks, emails, daily tasks, set reminders and scanning calendar events all as easy as pie. The cherry on top is that Google Tasks is a champ at adapting to different needs, whether you're juggling personal errands or coordinating team projects. With Google Tasks, you gain a reliable tool, helping you master your day one task at a time.

Notion - notes, docs, tasks

Now this one is like Swiss Army Knife of organization apps. From managing projects to taking notes and sharing info, it's like a personal assistant who's up for anything.

One of the cool things about Notion is its 'choose your own adventure' approach. You've got this dynamic workspace that you can shape and mold to your heart's content, it's like building your own productivity playground with a bunch of customizable templates and blocks. This means you can tailor your workflow exactly how you like it. It's like having a custom-made suit but for your tasks and projects.

With an intuitive interface, you're penning a to-do list or building a project database that could rival the Library of Alexandria. With the drag-and-drop feature and top-notch collaboration tools, you can whip up tasks, chat with your team members, and make sure everyone's singing from the same song sheet. So, with Notion, you're not just staying on top of your game, you're reinventing it.

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Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

Meet Pocket, the productivity app that's like a kangaroo pouch for your favorite articles, videos, and web pages! It's the pocket-sized personal library you never knew you needed.

Pocket lets you bookmark content from all over the web with a simple click. Found an intriguing article or video in the middle of a task? No need to go down the rabbit hole! Just save it in Pocket and keep sailing on your productivity boat. And with its tidy and user-friendly layout, you'll find your saved treasures neatly tucked away for when you're ready to dive in.

Now, the really cool bit is Pocket's offline reading feature! And the cool thing about read it later apps is that like having a portable library that doesn't need Wi-Fi. Perfect for those long commutes, vacays off the grid, or when your internet decides to take a coffee break. This means you have constant access to your content buffet, even when the internet Gods are not smiling upon you. So with Pocket, you're not just streamlining your digital life; you're making sure you never miss out on anything interesting. Time to stuff your Pocket full of wonders!

TickTick: To Do List & Calendar

Say hello to TickTick, your friendly neighborhood task organizer! With its sturdy features and easy-to-use interface, TickTick has earned its stripes as a true-blue productivity ally.

The jewel in the crown of TickTick is its boss-level of task management and organization skills. You can whip up lists, rank your tasks by importance, set due dates, and even slice bigger tasks into smaller, less intimidating sub-tasks. It's like having your own personal taskmaster in your pocket! And with smart reminders and notifications, it's like having a friendly nudge whenever you need it to keep you on track and hitting those deadlines like a pro.

Where TickTick really shines, though, is its collaboration features. You can share tasks and lists with your team members, your friends, or even your family faster than you can say "teamwork makes the dream work." Real-time syncing means everyone's always on the same page, so you can wave goodbye to misunderstandings and missed updates. So with TickTick, you're not just conquering your to-do list; you're bringing everyone else along for the ride. Tick that off your list!

Focus@Will: Control Your ADD

Picture this: you're sitting down to work, ready to crush it, but that pesky noise from the world outside keeps breaking your focus. Enter Focus@Will, the productivity app that's kind of like a DJ for your brain. It serves up music scientifically designed to boost concentration and shoo away distractions, making it the Mozart of productivity tools!

What makes Focus@Will hit the right note is its personalized 'focus music'. Using neuroscience and the magic of music psychology, it curates playlists that tune up your focus and crank up your productivity. You can choose from a variety of genres, instrumental tracks, and even ambient sounds. It's like creating your own concentration-conducive soundscape.

The real cherry on top? The app doesn't just play the tunes and call it a day. It dynamically adjusts the tempo, rhythm, and soundscapes to keep your brain on its toes and avoid slipping into background noise territory. Users have found the music not just immersive, but super conducive to deep work. With Focus@Will, you're not just blocking out the noise; you're orchestrating your success. Let's boost productivity with a tune, my friend!


Ever felt like you're drowning in a sea of tasks with no lifeguard in sight? Well, grab your floaties because RescueTime is here to, well, rescue your time! This productivity app has won applause from folks eager to get a handle on their digital habits and boost their productivity. It's like having a personal trainer for your digital life!

The MVP of RescueTime is its auto-pilot time-tracking feature. Like a digital ninja, it operates quietly in the background, gathering data on how you spend your time across websites, apps, video calls, and tasks. No more manual time tracking or vague guesstimates; RescueTime gives you the whole picture, pixel-perfect.

But wait, there's more! RescueTime isn't just a time-tracking tool; it's like your own personal productivity consultant. Detailed reports and easy-to-digest visualizations give you an overall view of your digital habits. You can spot patterns, identify time-sucking black holes, and set goals to make your time work harder for you. Plus, with the ability to categorize activities and score their productivity impact, you can truly understand how each task weighs in on your productivity scale. So set on that sale and save up some time!

Timeular: Time Tracking

Imagine if you just had this nifty little device that sits on your desk, looks like a dice, and somehow helps you manage your time. Sounds like magic, right? Well, that's pretty much what Timeular is. This productivity app, coupled with its physical tracker, has folks engaged in its fresh take on time management. It's a little like having a personal wizard casting productivity spells for you!

The star player in the Timeular team is their physical Tracker - a compact six-sided device, each side representing a different task or project. All you have to do is flip the tracker to the side representing the task you're tackling, and voilá, you've engaged in an enjoyable, tangible method to track your time. It's like rolling a dice, but each roll gets you one step closer to winning the productivity game!

But the magic doesn't stop there. Timeular's time-tracking software acts like your own personal crystal ball, providing a clear view of how you're allocating your time. You can visualize and analyze your time spent on different tasks, spotting areas for improvement and making necessary tweaks to your routine.

As if that wasn't enough, Timeular plays well with others too! It integrates seamlessly with popular project management tools and calendars, bringing together all aspects of your workflow in one place. You're not just managing your time; you're becoming a time wizard with a complete view of your productivity kingdom. Now, go ahead and roll that dice!


Wishing for a productivity tool that combines the best of spreadsheets and databases with the ease of a user-friendly interface? Well, enter Airtable, the productivity genie in a bottle! With its versatile features, customization options, and knack for teamwork, it has swept users off their feet, becoming one of the preferred project management and workflow organization.

With Airtable's customization possibilities, you can create your unique tune by assigning tasks, defining field types, composing formulas, and choreographing filters to shape the databases as per your needs. This flexibility translates into a ballet of solutions tailored for diverse needs, from project management to content planning, customer relationship management, and more.

What sets the stage for collaborative harmonics is Airtable's teamwork feature. It allows users to share databases, manage projects, assign tasks, and leave comments, all in a fluid, seamless manner. Think of it as a well-choreographed dance routine where everyone is in sync, creating a really cool performance. The real-time updates and notifications are like the rhythm that keeps the team in step, ensuring everyone is updated about project progress and changes. So, whether you're managing a solo task or orchestrating a team project, Airtable might be the right option for you!


At the end of the day, it's not just about which shiny new app you've got. It's about making your days count, about finding that sweet balance between work and play, and about dancing your way to your goals. So, take the plunge. Try out these productivity apps. Remember, even Batman needed his gadgets!