Before the big rebuild, Joel suggested a small learning project first. So we agreed to spend 2 weeks to build a "micro" app to practice the tech frameworks we'll use for the new GoalsWon.

What to make?

After some back and forth we decided on a free app related to productivity that could also do double duty to help get new prospects for GoalsWon.

After brainstorming we came up with a procrastination checker app, that will ping you randomly through the day to:

  1. check if you're procrastinating or not
  2. if yes, ask you why (select from a list of options)
  3. then show you graphs of how much you procrastinate, the reasons and trend over time

We're pretty happy with the concept and ux mockup. It's small in scope but seems like it could be useful - we're big believers in self analysis for self development.

Back to school 👨‍🎓

Joel and our new crewmate Leo have started coding it now, and studying best practices of React, Redux, Firebase etc as they go. We'll let you know once ready in case you're interested to be one of our first beta users :)

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon​​

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