A couple weeks back we launched "repeat daily" and "repeat til complete" goals.

Joel and I loved the feature and started using it from day 1. But we wondered what about our clients? No easy way to know.

So Joel added an extra column in our coaching interface:

A white circle means no repeating. Gray means "repeat til complete". And finally blue means "repeat daily" (originally green but that got way too confusing with the green ticks 😅)

Immediately we saw nearly all our clients were making use of the new features - yay!

And as a bonus, we quickly saw a nasty bug where repeating stopped on days marked with an internal coach comment. Without the circles we wouldn't have caught it so quickly.

So good lesson learned - go the extra mile to figure out how folks use new features.

Now, a busy week ahead to wrap up our learning project, the procrastination microapp!

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon​​

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