Can you believe it, the year’s end is nearly upon us!

We recently took a minute to reflect on all the product improvements we’ve rolled out lately.

But our collective pats on our backs morphed into mild face palms when we realized we hadn’t shared all the new goodness here on the blog…. oops! 🤦🏼‍♂️

So what’s new?

Here’s our long overdue catch up on all the sweet new stuff from the past few months:

Submit month results

Previously, when the end of a month came, there wasn’t a trigger to reflect, to assess how the set targets for that month ended up etc.

So we decided to fix that, switching to an explicit “submit the month” model for targets, allowing a nice history to see how each month went, lessons learned etc. 

In a way it operates similar to how our goals do with submits, but on month rather than day timeframes. It’s got great feedback from our clients, and personally we’re all enjoying it a lot better as users ourselves compared to the slippery old model…

Mood button submit

As coaches we’d been collecting subjective wellbeing (aka happiness) on a daily basis from a bunch of clients, on a manual basis. Sometimes it was initiated by our clients, other times a suggestion from us as coaches to them, and generally worked well to encourage reflection on triggers for good and bad moods, and help identify correlations with better or worse wellbeing.

For example, doing exercise in the morning correlates with increased mood on average the rest of the day for myself and many clients.

So we decided to “productize” it into a feature:

And for those who might think it too “touchy-feely”, you can make it optional instead:

Improved tutorial 

Guess what?

One day all of us used to be newbies, trying out the app for the first time, without knowing what it was all about.

Lately we’re putting a lot of effort on trying to explain things better for new clients, and also make it a more fun and beautiful onboarding experience. A big start was adding a proper intro at the start, the first part of a proper tutorial: 

We’re planning to add a big step 2 in the next few weeks with even more personalization and real time interaction with your assigned coach.  If you’re a new client (to-be), look forward to that!

Partially done goals

We had feedback from some folks that they wanted a way to mark a goal as “worked on, but not quite done yet”, as a way to show effort was made, rather than not touched at all in a day.

We spent quite a bit of time debating if this was a good idea - wouldn’t it discourage better “divide and conquer”, breaking up goals into smaller doable chunks to be ticked off day by day?

In the end, we decided the pro’s of positive encouragement for those who in good faith worked on something but just weren’t able to finish it, whether due to lack of time, or waiting input from someone else was greater than the potential cons

Fun fact, we had even more discussion about what icon to use to best represent partially done. We started with 🟡, and a ➖ and in the end, with the help of community voting, settled on the ⌛ emoji. Long live democracy!

Export CSV

Hands up who knows what CSV stands for?

No, not Croissant Sales Vehicle (good guess), it’s Comma Separated Values, or in more plain english, an open spreadsheet format which we now can export to.

So if you’re the sort of person who likes exporting your data for backup or further analysis, you can now do that with all your daily goal history, with other data available in the future too.

Target navigation improved

If you’re someone who liked to set lots of monthly targets, you’re likely also someone frustrated at the long wait time as we loaded that page up with your history of every target in every month. 

By heavy demand, we’re now switching that to a month by month (paged) view, which loads a bunch faster!

Overall, things in product land are improving for the better, and we have some fun stuff still to go before we stop and celebrate new year’s eve…

Ps - big thanks for all our clients for reporting bugs, requesting features, giving us valuable feedback and input that’s helped us iterate, please do keep it up!

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