App development has been slow this week as Raj had to work on other stuff.  

So in the meantime have worked to assemble an advisor team:

  • Alin - business coach who has a ton of experience in all things product management and startups
  • Amy - a Ph.D in psychology, researching sustainable wellbeing and how tech can help
  • Joel - an education startup founder and uni student who's a true productivity hacker
  • Rob - a startup founder with a successful app in the family coaching space and deep experience in UX & marketing among others...

Doing a startup solo is hard, and feeling very fortunate to have this "superhero squad" mentor in areas I'm weaker on and help support overall with advice and encouragement 🙏

Also have started mocking up the new homepage with freelance artist Maria:

A first look to the website

Work in progress but I like the direction and can see this new visual style flowing also to the app. The few clients and friends I've shared this with have liked it too 😇

Finally, have finished the client transition, will be supporting existing and new folks over email while waiting on the app version.

Til next...

ps - if you'd like to join the email beta if not already just reply, happy to help work with you on your habits