Apart from navigating in and out of lockdowns, we managed to get quite a lot done in 2021:

  • Got the big rebuild of our app complete so we’re on a stable foundation that will serve us well for years to come
  • Grew the team to set us up for growth in 2022
  • Learned a bunch supporting our clients for the first full year of the service
  • Gave back with some pro-bono accountability coaching for non-profit and effective altruism related founders
  • Took our first steps on marketing and getting GoalsWon better known out there

Looking forward, there’s a lot going on as we start this big new year. Here’s the priorities for January:

  • We recently grew our development team and are hard at work creating the web version of our service. So you’ll be able to use GoalsWon from the browser as well as from native mobile apps. That’s going nicely - we’ll be shortly finished with the goals feature, and then moving on to add chat. Looking forward to first try that ourselves soon!
  • In parallel we’ll be rolling out new features on the existing mobile apps, with two main themes: things that help new users onboard easier (now it’s a little sparse when you first use the app for the first time, before your coach messages you), and helpful things that will help established clients stick to using the service more consistently.
  • For the new features, we’ll be gathering input from our clients to help us prioritize our roadmap - look out for in-app polls to get your opinions on these in coming days and weeks! Here’s the first one we’re asking about -
  • We recently brought on board our first dedicated coaches (up to now it’s been us as co-founders doing all the coaching) so we can scale to a lot more clients. It’s been a good experience to go through recruitment, training and learning what coaches need that isn’t explained or handled well in our internal guides etc. Things we as founders take for granted but isn’t for new folks coming on board.
  • Finally, we’re learning and taking first steps on the marketing front, now that our mobile apps are solid. Working on the website, landing pages, email flows and more is something we’ll be spending a lot of time on in weeks and months to come so we can support a lot more folks.

Thanks all for all your support over the past year and may you make 2022 a year to remember!

Joel & Simon
Co-Founders, GoalsWon

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