It's finally here 🚀

Your most requested feature Repeating Goals has landed!

No more manually entering "Do Prancercise" each morning, it's done automatically for you. More time to get your prance on! 🐴

But... that's not all!

Upgrade now and we'll throw in a free set of steak knives another fab feature: Repeat Til Done Goals

Didn't get around to "Negotiate a Peace Deal With Aggressive Squirrel" today? When you submit, it gets added automatically to tomorrow's list (no more procrastination mkay?)

Neat huh!

But seriously, Joel and I have been using these new features in internal testing and it's such a big improvement. We hope you love it too! (do shout out if you see any bugs)

Our other big news

To cap off a big week, we're stoked to welcome Leonel as a freelancer to our dev team. A friend and old classmate of Joel, Leo will be helping speed up our big rebuild which'll start soon 👋

New month, new beginnings!

ps - thanks Iris, MJ, Yasmin, Mars, Guille, Angela, Jeremy and all who gave us the idea to get this done.

Simon & Joel
Co-founders, GoalsWon​​

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