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Cancel any time, no lock ins. After your free trial, the annual subscription is $720 USD and automatically renews each year.
Cancel any time, no lock ins. After your free trial, the monthly subscription is $90 USD and automatically renews each month.

How it works

Daily Accountability

Set daily goals and habits that drive you towards your longer-term targets. Your GoalsWon coach (e.g., Joel) will evaluate your submitted results and keep you accountable.

Lasting Change

As you strive towards your targets for the year, your coach will keep you on track, share graphs and insights, and be with you every step of the journey. They'll help you understand yourself and transform your life.

Strategy & support

Your coach will share practical tips and feedback to engineer positive habits. They’ll work using proven behavioral change techniques. Through setbacks and success, expect dependable, friendly support.


As you strive towards your targets for the year, your coach will keep you on track, share graphs and insights, and be with you every step of the journey. They'll help you understand yourself and transform your life.

Our coaches


What sets GoalsWon coaches apart is a consistent methodology based on positive psychology and evidence-based behaviour change. Clients receive friendly and tailored coaching each day to help achieve their goals and gain improved well-being.

"I've always struggled with consistency. My coach helped me to identify reasons, try new approaches and held me accountable."

Jeremy Nagel
Founder, Smooth Messenger (sold)

"My coach’s daily encouragement helped me improve my fitness and at work, pass key certification exams - stress free!"

Yasmin McGowan
Audit Associate

"I’ve tried everything to discipline myself and nothing has worked as well as Goalswon. I only regret one thing, not discovering it sooner."

Jhon Carvajal
Public speaking coach


Experienced human coach

A dedicated accountability professional is assigned to you.

Daily accountability

Each day of the week, your coach will review your progress to keep you on track.

Personalized & science-based

Your coach will use proven, research-backed techniques to drive lasting change.


Free onboarding video call

Optional 15-minute intro call to get to know you better and help you get started.

Custom reporting & graphs

Your coach will send custom graphs and analyze your results for actionable insights.

Celebrating success

Your coach will award you special milestones as you hit your targets!

Who's it For?

Whether you're a founder, self-improver, or doer, our accountability will accelerate your success.

So far we've helped clients-
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    Launch and scale projects
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    Eat healthier and get in shape
  • Blue checkmark
    Achieve career growth
  • Blue checkmark
    Do digital detox and focus
  • Blue checkmark
    Overcome procrastination
  • Blue checkmark
    Cultivate healthy habits
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    And more...
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What is GoalsWon?

GoalsWon is an accountability service with an expert human coach giving you personal 1-on-1 accountability via a dedicated app. Your assigned coach will be there to review your progress each day, and give you tailored tactics, support and focus on your journey to achieve all your goals.

How does GoalsWon work?

GoalsWon uses science-backed approaches to encourage positive behaviour change. An experienced accountability professional will get to know you, and your long term targets for coming month/s. Then your day-to-day support begins:

1. Each day you'll be prompted to enter your top daily goals and habits.
2. At the end of the day, you’ll submit which you achieved with your reflection.
3. Your coach will give you feedback, encouragement and help with practical advice based on research into best practices.

This approach is what top-tier sport-stars and successful company executives have used to gain an advantage, but made accessible to everyone.

How much does GoalsWon cost?

We offer our premium coaching service either on monthly, quarterly or annual billing cycles. There are no extra costs, contracts or commitments. For less than a cup of coffee each day, you can have that accountability to drive real improvements in your life.

How do I cancel?

Simple, it only takes a couple of taps to cancel if you decide GoalsWon isn’t right for you. Or if you want to switch coaches at any time, that’s free of charge. No lock-ins, you have the freedom to end your subscription at any time - you will not be charged further.

How does the trial work?

Try GoalsWon and work with an experienced coach for the duration of the trial period, free of charge.

If you enjoy it, you don't need to take any action, and your subscription will automatically continue for the agreed-upon billing cycle.

If GoalsWon isn’t working out, please cancel the trial before its end date so as to avoid it becoming a subscription.

Can this help me overcome procrastination?

Yes, having a professional accountability partner makes it much less challenging to build momentum.

Each day you'll commit to the day's goals to your coach and they'll be there to review and help you overcome any barriers including procrastination, digital distractions or over-reliance on fleeting motivation.

This isn't about positive thinking platitudes, but practical, science based behavioural change techniques that have worked for clients around the globe.

Can't I just get a buddy to help?

The research is clear, peer accountability is simply not as effective for goal attainment compared with professional individual coaching. Then there's the practical aspect - most peer to peer accountability relationships drop off due to lack of commitment or alignment.

In fact that was one of the key reasons for GoalsWon to be created, our cofounders' personal experience with unreliable accountability buddies. Unlike well meaning but unreliable strangers on the internet, our coaches are dedicated professionals there with you every day to help you succeed in your journey.

Invest in lasting change

Our accountability coaching and battle tested behaviour change tactics can help you succeed where willpower too often fails.

Invest in progress, invest in yourself.
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